SUPSI coffee mug


The SUPSI coffee mug is characterized by a traditional mug design consisting in a ceramic glass coated with SUPSI brand colours, a plastic mould-injected cover with a 3D printed/wood laser cut personalization glued on top of it and two coloured silicone seals. The personalization options are many, including laser engraved free shapes on coated glass, full personalization of the shape, material and colour on top of the cover, but also colour of the silicone seals. Starting from the customer’s order, the Mini-Factory produces and assembles the desired coffee mug, taking components either from the warehouse or by manufacturing the missing ones. The Mini-Factory is usually busy with the production of some components (e.g. the plastic mould-injected cover) made to stock, in order to be immediately ready in the warehouse to further follow personalization and assembling stages according to the visiting customers chosen configurations. The manufacturing process is characterized by the central role of the human worker who is involved in the key stages through a mobile human-robot collaborative assembly workstation empowered by Augmented Reality goggles for enhancing the human-machine interaction.

Demo video