Three-layers technological architecture

Within an IIOT solution, three layers can be clearly identified, 1-Hardware, 2-Communication and 3-Software. The hardware layer is composed by Sensors, Actuators, Control HW and Communication HW: it represents the physical layer that can sense and collect data, and that can affect a change in the environment. The communication layer, thanks to assorted methods and protocols, establishes connections between the hardware components and the software layer. The latter provides the means to execute the production programme, empowers smart and resilient behaviours, runs the analytics that cast insight on the current production KPIs and future status.

The Mini-Factory is a real-life instantiation of the IIOT paradigm, here framed in the technical architecture of a generic IIOT solution. There is definitely no single, standardized way of getting started and enabling an organization to implement IloT. By providing a general framework and a concrete instantiation, this paper is meant to provide an understanding of IIOT and to inspire manufacturers by showing approaches that they might embrace to achieve impact in their manufacturing domain.